Daniels Run Peace Church is a place where people are invited to faith and fellowship in Jesus Christ. We encourage one another as followers of Jesus, we care for and support one another, and we extend ourselves in service to our community and the whole world.

Our vision remains fluid like a flowing stream yet gives us an identity and a sense of direction. There are four elements of our vision of who we are and what God is calling us to be. These are the things that inspire us and have become the song of our heart.

  1. We are a small, diverse congregation that welcomes everybody no matter who you are or what your background may be.
  2. We are a worshipping community and a spiritual home for people who are finding faith for the first time as well as those who, because of past hurtful experiences, may be best described as church refugees.
  3. We are a peace church rooted in the life and vision of Jesus and shaped by the experience and witness of our Anabaptist spiritual tradition.
  4. We embody a faith-based, compassionate social concern that includes the poor, those on the margins of society, and our threatened natural environment.