Eyes that See Salvation

December 27, 2020
The elderly Simeon and Anna had the eyes to see God’s salvation when the baby Jesus was presented in the temple. Can we see opportunities for salvation in our everyday experiences?

Rejoice Always?

December 13, 2020
In the midst of a pandemic year, can we heed the Apostle Paul’s words to “rejoice always?”. It is possible if we remember that Jesus is near and that nothing can separate us from his love.

On the Road to Readiness

November 29, 2020
The Prophet Isaiah offers us a model to get ready for the coming of Jesus the Messiah: P-R-A-Y: Pour out our heart to God; Remember God’s faithfulness in the past; Acknowledge our sin before God; Yield and surrender control to God, putting our life in His hands—God is the potter, and we are the clay.

“Where Love is, God is”

November 15, 2020
The parable of the last judgment reminds us that the true test of being a Christian is by showing love to those who are in need. Where love is shown, God is present, because God is love.

Be Prepared

November 8, 2020
The parable of the ten virgins calls us to be prepared for life in God’s Kingdom, which is a future hope “not yet”, but is also “already”, a present reality in which we prepare by becoming more faithful followers of Jesus.

A Time to Trust

November 1, 2020
In these chaotic times, Psalm 46 reminds us that we can trust God because He is constantly with us and is also in control of everything in our world. We are invited to “be still and know that God is God”. Also, sometimes we are the answer to our prayers, and God trusts us to bring healing and hope to the world.

Stretch Out Your Hands

October 25, 2020
Why does Jesus ask Peter three times “Do you love me?” What kind of love does he expect from Peter and from all of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus?