Breaking Bread Together

April 26, 2020
The griefs and losses of people, in this time of coronavirus, are repeated and refracted around the globe. How do we respond by bringing the lens of faith to our hurting world?

Peace Be With You

April 19, 2020
Jesus’ words “Peace be with you” that he shared with his frightened disciples after his death and resurrection can be instructive. Like Jesus, we have been commissioned to share the practice and message of peace and reconciliation.

Joining the Jesus Parade

April 5, 2020
By God’s grace, we’ll also see our way through this, learn some valuable lessons, and be stronger for it.

New Life for Dry Bones

March 29, 2020
We’re all adjusting to social distancing and trying to stay safe in this coronavirus pandemic. We’re all feeling grief and the loss of connection. The language of Psalm 130 about “waiting on the Lord as those who watch for the morning,” is so fitting as we prepare for the onslaught of the pandemic in many places.

I was Blind, Now I See

March 22, 2020
So much has changed in the past several weeks as we try to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic. Trying times like these can bring out the best and the worst in us.

Love Breaks Boundaries

March 15, 2020
Jesus breaks all kinds of boundaries when he engages in conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well. While respecting differing beliefs and understandings among us, we as a church, also commit ourselves to not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, gender, social and economic status or sexual orientation.

On That Pilgrim Journey

March 8, 2020
Abraham and Sarah’s way of living as sojourners in Canaan are our example of faithfully trusting in God. They embraced their pilgrim journey and therefore received God’s blessing while they, in turn, became a blessing to all people.

Grace Filled Boundaries

March 1, 2020
The story about the first humans eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge is about choices that have consequences as well as about grace-filled boundaries.

The Lost is Found (or is it?)

February 23, 2020
Jesus’ stories about the lost sheep and the lost coin are straightforward but the story about the lost son(s) is more complicated, as all human relationships are.