God is in this Place

July 26, 2020
In-between places can lead to growth as a person if you stay attuned to God’s Spirit and attend to what you can learn in this place. It helps us recognize the despair that too often drives us and offers us the kind off hope that is a good habit leading to action.

Seed and Sower

July 19, 2020
The exuberant sower who throws seed all over the place in Jesus’ parable of the sower is more like nature than an actual gardener.
Synopsis: As my wife Ruth and I pack to move, we’re confronted with how much stuff we’ve accumulated. Who am I to talk about living simply and traveling lightly? What…

Kingdom Citizenship

July 5, 2020
Synopsis: Our July 4th Independence Day celebration is a time for American Christians to hold in tension our national American citizenship and our Kingdom citizenship as followers of Jesus. There’s…

War No More

June 14, 2020
The way of peace is rooted in the life and witness of Jesus. It relates to how we raise our children, resolve church conflicts, conduct business, and deal with labor relations—it’s about all of life. Yes, it’s also about saying no to war but it doesn’t start there.

Faithful Stewardship

June 7, 2020
The social and financial repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic shine a bright spotlight on faithful stewardship and how we handle financial matters. We recognize ourselves as among the privileged in our world. This poses us with the challenge and the joy of living into God’s abundance and to use what we have to serve others as we are able.
Pentecost is about God reversing our human penchant toward empire and imposed uniformity. It’s the creation of one, diverse, Spirit-filled people through the creative outpouring of the Spirit. As our country is new gripped by racial turmoil caused by centuries of oppression, our churches need to be part of the solution and not only part of the problem.

One God, One People

May 24, 2020
  Synopsis: Our Christian faith emphasizes qualities such as care, humility, and empathy which bond us to each other and to God. Jesus prays in John 17 that we might…

Our New Identity

May 10, 2020
  Synopsis: During this time of coronavirus social distancing we naturally impatiently wait for this to end. Stephanie Paulsell, however, reminds us that we should not long for things to…

Abundant Life

May 3, 2020
Synopsis: An abundant life doesn’t consist of material possessions. It is instead rooted in the rich simplicity of being yourself before God. As God’s people, we’re liberated from an inordinate…