Church Covenant

We are a church in the Northern Virginia area coming together through different experiences of the love, forgiveness, and peace of God in Christ Jesus. Believing that God draws us into fellowship, we accept and practice the disciplines of love and together seek God’s will in everything we do, even when we agree to disagree in love by treating different beliefs and understandings with respect. We want our life together to be a contemporary interpretation of the unique life and ministry of Jesus, whom we seek to follow in today’s world. We seek to be a church community where God’s love transcends all human barriers that oppress people and exclude them from full participation. We commit ourselves to not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, gender, social and economic status, or sexual orientation.

Drawing upon the Anabaptist-Mennonite faith heritage, we refuse violence and seek ways to promote peace and justice for all. Our mission is to continue discovering life in Christ, to invite others to share in that life, and to seek and respond to opportunities for service. We therefore pledge to:

  1. Come together regularly to worship God
  2. Prayerfully seek God’s strength and direction
  3. Establish and strengthen our spiritual lives through the study of God’s Word
  4. Share and fellowship with a community of believers
  5. Contribute financially, supporting spiritual, mission, and relief efforts
  6. Provide opportunities for and support efforts of service and peacemaking
  7. Reach out to all people and share the good news of Christ
  8. Use our God-given gifts to serve God and further God’s kingdom