Children’s Time

Children of all ages are invited to attend our service, sing and play instruments during music worship, and participate in a dedicated ‘Children’s Time’. Following this instruction, children aged 12 and under are dismissed to Sunday School.



Children’s Ministry

Our weekly lessons are based on the Shine Curriculum and strive to teach our children to love Jesus, grow their faith, and inspire them to change the world. Our aim is to connect Jesus’ teachings to their everyday life and experiences.

We have material for PreK and Elementary school-aged children and tailor lessons accordingly based on attendance. We welcome kids of all ages to our program!

Sunday school begins with a call to worship where we get energized to learn about our faith and is followed by a brief lesson. When appropriate, we also learn Bible verses and song. Every lesson is concluded with either an art activity, science experiment, or a physical exercise to reiterate the main idea of the day.



Children’s Photo Gallery


Analyzing and Comparing Bible Stories


Participating in our 2021 Children’s Christmas Program


Children holding star constellations

Creating our own star constellations to remind us to lift up our eyes and see God’s strength and creations (Isaiah 40).


Fun at our annual church retreat over Memorial Day Weekend


Five children in front of play-doh animals

Creating as many animals as we can think of out of play-doh after learning about the story of creation.


Four children posing in front of Garden of Eden learning exercise

Turns out creating the Garden of Eden is hard work! If only that pesky serpent would stop getting in the way.


Young boy holding a drawing tablet

Fun drawing familiar Mennonite symbols